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#1 privacy-led product analytics that grows with you. For visionaries of diverse backgrounds and dreams.
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Every true dreamer deserves a tool they can rely on for the entire product journey. That’s why we created Flex.

A great fit for small to midsize business

Access the full enterprise-ready package by utilizing only the features essential to your product development and business size.

Effective solution for a limited budget

Pay as you grow is our mantra. Don’t let your budget hold you back from understanding your product’s users and achieving your dream.

For those with a growth mindset

Countly Flex is here to grow with you and your monthly active users. Start small and grow into an enterprise-sized business. We got you.

Flex-ible for your custom solution needs

Choose from a long list of supported SDKs, pick a hosting location of your liking, and opt for a user tracking strategy unique to your requirements.

Meet the ultimate Private SaaS solution

Because privacy has always been our thing.

100 % ownership

Secure complete control over your data with a choice of server region, dedicated IP, and SSL certificate for unmatched privacy and independence.

Full configuration

Shape your product analytics server to perfection with total configuration control, optimizing performance for your exact specifications.

Unrivalled portability

Seamlessly transfer data across all Countly plans. Whether it’s a Flex, Lite, or Enterprise plan, the Countly server is always yours.
Broad platform coverage
Choose from our 10 officially supported SDKs for your web, mobile and desktop apps.
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Your ultimate product analytics go-to for all user behaviour insights.

User profiles. Understand your users with individual-level, real-time data.

Create unique customer experiences by viewing data on individual users, enriched by custom user properties. All while staying privacy-compliant.

Dashboards. View and share the metrics that matter the most.

Create unlimited dashboards from multiple apps using time series, bar charts, tables, and widgets from the Countly features of your choice.

Event tracking. Capture and segment user actions accurately.

Track events to capture user actions, milestones, and transactions, plus include segmentation properties for in-depth analysis.

Funnels and Flows. Reveal insights about your users and their behavior.

Build step-by-step funnels to identify user conversion points and drop-offs and use flows to visualize typical customer journeys.

Cohorts. Enable the most powerful segmentation to find solutions.

Group users based on shared behaviours or properties to act immediately when usage trends change, or filter your users further.

Retention Analysis. Identify daily, weekly, and monthly retention trends.

Explore user retention based on session and event activity and use filters and segmentation for deeper insights.

Drill. Answer complex questions by drilling into granular data.

In a matter of seconds, understand what is happening in your app by slicing and dicing all your Session, Event, Views, Feedback, and Crash data.

Reports and Alerts. Never miss an important milestone or change in user behavior.

Get email reports for your dashboards or metrics, and set up customer alerts to stay informed when your defined criteria are met.

Enrich your go-to-market strategy with powerful add-ons.

Starts at $10/mo.

Voice of the Customer. Ask the right questions to make feedback-driven decisions.

Collect feedback from the right users for a complete view of your user experience using surveys, NPS®, and ratings.
Starts at $10/mo.

Crash and Performance Analytics. Monitor the stability of your app and resolve issues fast.

Collect crash reports, error logs, and performance metrics from your applications to proactively address issues before affecting your users' experience.
Starts at $10/mo.

Remote Config with A/B Testing. Change your app appearance based on actual usage data.

Adjust your app remotely for specific user segments or all users and run experiments to pinpoint the most effective improvements.
Starts at $16/mo.

Push Notifications. Engage users anytime with custom notifications to boost retention.

Track the delivery of your messages and the actions taken at a granular level. Discover what works and change what doesn't.
Starts at $10/mo.

Hooks. Interconnect your tech stack and get data updates quickly.

Trigger external endpoints and receive emails based on incoming data and internal triggers, such as users entering a cohort.
Starts at $10/mo.

Formulas. Get insights with custom metrics by applying Formulas.

Further visualize all the metrics you track and identify key relationships between them to get figures and trends that tell you even more about your app.
Starts at $10/mo.

DB Viewer. Access MongoDB collections directly through the Countly interface.

Retrieve raw data from the dashboard or through API, perform queries across all data collections, and export data from your Countly server.
"We took the mentality of SaaS while maintaining the data isolation need of self-hosted solutions. Voila. We now got the best of both worlds in Flex.“
Onur Alp Soner, CEO

Product analytics that grows with you

Start free with up to 1,000 monthly active users

Get immediate access to the core features of Countly for free, and don’t start paying until your 1000 monthly active users milestone.
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Get the add-ons you can't live without

Pick from our specialized add-ons once you are ready for more. Will it be Push Notifications, Crashes, A/B Testing, Surveys or something else?

Choose a hosting location that works for you the best

Belgium, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Israel, United States, Canada or Brazil.

Get started with Flex now.

Privacy-conscious, budget-friendly and private SaaS. Your journey towards a product-dream come true begins here.

Flex-ible pricing to boost your growth

Monthly active users (MAU)
Up to 1,000

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a discount for an annual plan?
Yes, when billed annually, you receive a 16% discount.
Do I need to enter credit card details even when on free tier?
Credit card details are not required for the FREE tier of Flex. Enjoy tracking up to 1000 monthly active users and important core Countly features for free.
Do I get upgraded to paid tiers automatically?
We do not automatically upgrade your tier. You choose the best tier for your needs and budget. If you exceed your tier’s monthly usage limit, your server access will be temporarily locked until the next cycle. We highly recommend always upgrading to a tier that ensures uninterrupted access to your server for the full Flex experience.
How do I get support from you with my Flex account?
Discord is the place to be for all our Flex users. Meet us there to discuss your technical questions, learn from other Countly users and stay updated with product news.
I need to self-host, do you offer a solution?
Yes, we got you! If you are an enterprise organization, self-hosted version of Countly Enterprise is right for you. If you are looking for an open-source, light version of Countly for individual contributors, go with Countly Lite.
Does Countly have any security certifications?
Yes! We are ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified, Countly takes privacy seriously and helps you do the same within your organization and with your customers.


All you need to unlock the full potential of product analytics with Countly.

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