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How do I set up Countly?
After contacting us, our team will guide you through the few steps required to get Countly up and running in the environment of your choice and according to your data and technical needs.
What is GDPR and why is it important?
GDPR, along with many other regulations around the world, are legal frameworks that protect user data from being misplaced and/or misused. Countly is compliant with all of them because of our 100% data privacy protection approach.
I use Countly Lite and I need technical support!
Drop us a line and get help through our Community Forum, our dedicated Discord channel, or via our GitHub.
What are the main benefits of using Countly?
Countly is a vast product, so you will find countless benefits the moment you start feeding it with data. While it is hard to put all benefits in one place, check out some benefits here or reach out to get a no-strings-attached personalized demo.
What Countly product is best for me?
There are three versions of Countly: Enterprise, Flex and Lite. Get a side-by-side comparison here.
Is Countly Enterprise free?
No, our licensing has a cost. However, the precise price depends on many factors which our sales team can help you understand in no time. Drop them a line.
I’m a Enterprise client and I need technical support!
Create a ticket in our Enterprise support area or contact your Account Manager.
Why is Countly different from other product analytics?
While there are other options out there, like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or Matomo, only Countly actually gathers all the positive points of them lets you action directly on your data, democratizes data access throughout your teams, and ensures complete data privacy, all from a single all-in-one extensible platform.