Designed for Data Privacy, by Default

User-centered approaches that are as data secure and privacy-compliant as they get.

Your user data and server is full compliance with data privacy regulations
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Including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other personal data protection rules around the world
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You are the sole owner, controller, and processor of data, without exceptions

100% Data ownership,️ 100% Control

Committed to giving you complete control of your product and user data.

Deploy a secure 360° view of your customers’ journeys and experiences

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100% ownership of your data
Complete ownership of data means that you get to choose where to store it and handle it. Get unlimited insights from your own data through Countly with our two deployment options: on-premise or private cloud.
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100% control of your data
Total control lets you pick and choose who has access to what and how you get to visualize it. With Countly, you get: Direct API and Database Access, Data at Rest Encryption and Individualized CRUD controls across features.

How is Countly secure?

Customizable Access Levels
Manage access to features and data on an individual user basis. The three tiers of user roles ensure every Countly user will only see what they are supposed to.
No IP Address Storage
Individual IP Addresses don’t get stored; instead they are converted to users' cities and then automatically discarded. And if you want, you can completely remove locational data altogether.
Login Security
Strictly protect logins to Countly with strong passwords via HTTPS, which you can further expand with 2FA or SSOs. You can even ban users in the unlikely case of a brute force attack.
Secure Data Transmission
Data collected from devices are sent over a secure channel, eliminating the possibility of intrusions or attacks.
‘Do not track’ Feature
Honor users’ right to ‘block’ or suppress processing of personal data, as mandated by GDPR. Countly gives you the ability to centralize all user choices and simply remove them, ad hoc and hassle free.
'Right to be forgotten’ Rule
If any user - namely EU citizens according to the GDPR, but applicable to your entire user base - so wishes, you can easily wipe out all their personal data in a few clicks.

Privacy by design. Secure by default.

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Unlock the power of privacy by design

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