Get the crucial insights to become data-driven and build apps and websites that users love.

Multiple options on question type, for the right feedback type

Open-ended, multiple choice, single choice, or drop-down lists - these are only a few of the question types you can opt for.

100% customizable questions for the insights that matter

Ask the questions important to your teams to understand your users and focus your product decisions on user feedback.

Target users on their properties or behavior

Get feedback from users grouped on the basis of properties such as device or behaviors such as events performed.

Creating an experience that users love starts with one thing - insights

Surveys can get you the insights that can be easily missed, right from the users you cater to.

With customizable questions, personalizable appearance, and targeting on the basis of properties or behaviors, Surveys enables you to speak to the users you want, while optimizing response rate, so that you can be truly data-driven.

Ask what do your users and visitors think about their CX

Why are some users signing in 50% less in the past month than in the previous month?
What is the general feeling our visitors have about our website/app?
What do users like the most about the new feature?
Why did users bounce after selecting an item but before checkout?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Surveys with…

Push Notifications

To re-engage dissatisfied users with specific campaigns.

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Remote Config

To get feedback on which version of an update your users like.

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