Crashes and Errors

Monitor the stability of your application and website in real-time and resolve crashes and errors.

Faster issue resolution

Fix hindrances to transaction completion and user experience on your app or website faster by tracking crashes and errors in real-time.

Automatically assign tasks

Assign crashes and errors to the right developers through a Jira integration and keep the whole team on top of issue-resolution.

Easy Crashes Management

Group or categorize crashes and errors by fatality, status, device, region, and more, for a complete understanding of affected users.

Minimize disruptions in user experiences

Crashes (for mobile and desktop apps) and Errors (for websites) brings together two important aspects of user retention: performance monitoring and user analytics.

Through powerful segmentation and categorization capabilities, you can identify exactly who is getting affected by a crash and how severe the error may be, as well as easily assign and monitor resolution.

Crash management made easy for everyone

Which device type or app version faced a specific crash?
How did the crash/error impact the user journey and how many users were affected?
When was the last time this error/crash occurred?
What steps did the user take before encountering the crash?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Crashes and Errors with…


To identify user actions prior to a crash.

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User Profiles

To analyze which users and user groups may be facing crashes.

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Crashes and Errors User Guide


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