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Community Edition

Open-source meets a true, comprehensive approach to data. Adaptable, like your product.

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Aggregated Data
High-level data acquired by combining individual-level data, basically aggregating forms of Granular data

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Web, Mobile, and Desktop Analytics for all major platforms

Enterprise Edition

Powerful, scalable, and insightful to the infinity.
Unlimited, like your potential.

Customizable Pricing

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Everything in Community Edition, plus:

Self-hosted or Countly-hosted (Private Cloud)
Granular Data
Detailed-level raw data captured by Countly and capable of being compiled as required. Much more detailed than Aggregated data.

Unlimited access to features with unlimited seats

Custom onboarding plan

Integration support to and from Countly

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Priority technical support

Advanced privacy and security features
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Which version is right for me:
Enterprise Edition or Community Edition?

You value your users’ data privacy!

You are an individual / small organization

Just starting with product analytics or looking for an alternative to swich to

Want to get a feel for Countly

You understand the power of open-source software

You have the technical know-how to host your own server

You value your users’ data privacy!

You are a medium or large organization

Want to consolidate analytics from different vendors to avoid data silos

You want more of your teams to be data driven and reduce tech costs

Require continuous dedicated support

Countly in a nutshell

100% data control and ownership
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Extensible by plugin features
Customizable dashboards for easy data access
Complete data privacy and security, with leading policy compliance
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User permissions for greater security
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Track everything from application performance to customer feedback
Trusted by hundreds of privacy-conscious organizations
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One platform. Unlimited combinations.

Countly gives you the possibility to combine data and even the analytics of different plugin features to power-up the understanding of the data you own.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Enterprise Edition pricing work?
Our pricing is based on data point usage. This means that you only pay for what you track, without restrictions on the features you want or the team mates needing access to the data (with permission tiers). Other factors affecting pricing will be determined during the sign-up process, including deployment, SLA, etc.
What is the sign-up process for Enterprise Edition?
We first set up an online meeting to better understand your needs and walk you through how Countly can fit into your analytics strategy.
Then, based on your data points requirement, we send you a quote and deployment plan–if you choose an on-premise deployment. Our quotes have a tiered structure so you'll always know what you'll be paying if your volume increases or decreases.
Do I have to self-host Enterprise Edition?
Countly can be deployed on-premises with ease, but we also offer a fully managed and dedicated private cloud setting. In either case, we’ll assist you during the deployment process and you’ll always count upon the stellar support from our experienced team.
Which payment methods do you accept?
Countly Enterprise subscription payments can be made via electronic/wire transfer and all major credit cards. Invoicing is available for all payment and subscription types.
Can I try Enterprise Edition?
Yes. You can try the Enterprise Edition for free for a period of time to help you decide if it’s right for you. Please contact us to arrange your trial.
What will happen to my data after the trial?
If you want to keep using Countly Enterprise, we'll seamlessly move and redirect all your data to your dedicated instance. If you choose to not take advantage of our product analytics and detailed insight, we will delete all your data completely.

Still can't decide?

Ask us anything you need and we'll help you materialize the data-driven solution your product needs.
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