Improve the user journey with a clearer, step-by-step understanding of user behavior.

Dig into the customer journey

Find out where you’re losing users, cross-reference this with other data to see why, and fix identified friction points.

Retroactive analysis

Start tracking events at any time and see how they affect funnels retroactively. More historical data for more clarity and better action.

Campaign + continuous analysis

Track users’ progress through funnels and make iterations for successful campaigns, or track journeys regularly for continued improvements.

Where customization meets friction-free customer journeys

Funnels gives you insight into how users go through your applications, where they’re bouncing, and where you’re getting more conversions. With step-by-step tracking cross-referenced with other data points, it’s easy to identify and fix friction points.

Combine with other Countly features like User Profiles to gain a better understanding of which users are completing the funnel and which aren’t.

Enriched customer journeys made possible

At which step are users getting stuck when going from ‘Add to Cart’ to ‘Purchase’?
At which step are users dropping off when going from ‘Log in’ to ‘Bill payment’ in iOS versus Android?
What’s the completion rate at each step of the funnel for the two different landing pages of the new ad campaign?
What’s the completion rate at each step of the funnel for users from Cohort A versus Cohort B when booking a follow-up appoin

Enrich your product analytics by combining Funnels with…

User Profiles

To get individual level data on which users are bouncing (or converting).

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A/B Testing

To see which version leads to higher funnel completion rates.

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