Find out how much your web users are scrolling and where they’re clicking.

Understand user engagement on websites

Click Heatmaps tell you which elements of a webpage your users are clicking on, so you can make the most of CTAs and drive the most effective user journey.

Tweak website content

Scroll Heatmaps will tell you how many of your users scroll how far down any page, so you can ensure that your content is engaging enough to keep them reading.

Multi-platform analysis

Switch between device types and resolutions to see if user engagement changes - optimize your website for every screen your user may use.

Boost engagement - create beautiful customer journeys

With two options - Click and Scroll - Heatmaps give you insight into just how users engage with your website.

Find out if users are trying to explore elements that may not be clickable, if they’re completely missing CTAs, or if they’re not scrolling beyond a certain point and missing the main information on the page. Then, edit, update, and optimize for ideal user journeys.

Answer the user journey questions that matter

Is my Contact button being reached by the majority of visitors or is it placed too low on the page?
Which Pricing option are most people exploring on my Product page?
What percentage of users is reading the entire testimonial on my website?
Should I move the buttons in my footer to the top of the page?

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To see what step users take after clicking on a popular page element.

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To see which page elements are leading to purchases.

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