Data-driven people, building the ultimate product analytics tool

Working with data is in our DNA: in a team as remote as it gets, at Countly, we understand that data is the key to unlocking a world of opportunities in any digital space. Because we know where an exceptional digital journey can take users, we help all organizations push the boundaries of innovation and develop extraordinary and secure products and services.
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Our story

Jun, 2012
First release
After setting in motion the ideas behind Countly, the co-founders dropped the first Countly Community Edition version in the market.
Early 2013
As mobile analytics picked up steam, the initial Countly Team was formed to continue expanding. 
Platform expansion
Introduction of JavaScript for a web SDK, officially starting tracking users on the web.
User-base growth
We reached 2,000th commit to the Countly repository.
Device milestone
First billionth device tracked by the Countly SDK.
A bigger team
We reached 50 employees in the Countly crew, hailing from 20 different countries.
March, 2022
Biggest release
Released Countly 22.03, completely revamping our user interface to deliver faster and more powerful insights in the most intuitive way yet!


✨ Selflessness
We optimize our work, ideas, and mindset for the growth of our company rather than an individual or team. We help each other proactively to achieve more together and are not afraid of change for the collective good.
🔐 Security and Privacy
Protecting data and privacy is our number one priority, reflected in everything we do. We strive to increase the awareness around data security, data ownership, data protection, and customer data privacy across our team, our customers, and the general public.

✊ Autonomy
We are an independent, bootstrapped company living for its own values and beliefs instead of fulfilling the commercial desires of third parties (funding companies). Each of us represents this independence in our work, taking ownership and initiative, and leaving the “that’s not my job” attitude at the door.

❤️ Care
We care about the work we do; we care about the people we do it with no matter the department they belong to, and our customers for whom we do it. We care about how each of our customers can use Countly to create better digital journeys for millions of users while caring about protecting their privacy. We care about how we can constantly change for the better.

💡 Craft
We are artisans of the digital world who take pride in our work, and we approach problems as challenges - to find solutions that aren’t just efficient or innovative, but magically simple yet impressively comprehensive. We aren’t fast movers and breakers of things, but believers of sustainable, delightful progress.

🌎 Diversity
We are a team of people from 20+ countries with diverse backgrounds and cultures. This diversity is reflected in our product, our customers, our operations, and how we continue to build our existence forward. We will work relentlessly towards preserving and benefiting from our inclusive culture.

A team working together in this data journey

What do you get when you put a bunch of people with different cultures and backgrounds into the same digital work environment? You get a global team that is continuously learning from each other, ready to thrive with our successes, and always ready to welcome our next new member. And just like any team, we are supportive, we are communicative, we play games and laugh, but also keep it real when needed. We are balanced - and that’s what makes us unique. Oh, and of course, we all share the passion for bringing a fantastic, stellar, and solid product analytics tool, that centers around data privacy and democratization.

It’s all about the team

Onur Alp Soner
Founder and CEO
Day after day, Onur is the driving force behind Countly. Whenever he's not behind two or more screens fine-tuning the product, you'll find Onur flying kites at the beach with his kids 🪁
Barbora Koubkova
Head of Remote
Barb loves connecting things (dots, people, ideas... you name it) and telling stories through various formats 💚
Antonin Kus
Head of Design
At work, Antonin likes the company vision and that everyone in the team is able to make an impact. But during his free time, he loves snowboarding, golf, guitars and synths 🙌
Kostas Avramiotis
Head of Finance and Operations
In his free time, Kostas loves trail-running 🏃‍♂️
Arturs Sosins
Arturs loves empowering people to work smarter. In life, his passion are DIY projects including IT ones 😊
Rishika Jhamb
Head of Marketing
Rishika's (work) passion is being able to mix creative and analytical approaches. But then, she can also lose herself in fiction for hours! 📚
Pierre Boudet
Head of Revenue
Pierre enjoys working with small teams with powerful ideas and a growth mindset! Whenever not crafting better revenue strategies, Pierre can be found biking around DC 🚴

Perks and Benefits

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100% remote

Work from wherever you feel most comfortable. Anywhere between the poles and with the internet will do!
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Unlimited leave

Forget about checking how many days off you have left! Take as much time off as you need to rest, heal, travel, or to do whatever you want.
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Mental health counseling

We want you to keep the most important organ in your body healthy. Use Spill's services for therapy sessions, mental health trainings, and more.
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Warm, dynamic culture

Treats wherever you are, company tournaments, banter on communication channels, and coffee breaks to keep your heart warm and your mind relaxed.

Home office setup allowance

We help you create a space that will get your innovative juices flowing. A comfy chair? A second monitor? Some cool art to look at while you work? You name it!
Books emoji

Continuous learning benefit

Keep your synapses active… always! We take care of your acquisition of new skills because we can’t wait to see what you create next.