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Product analytics deliver the insights you are missing to truly understand your app’s usage and customer experience metrics, and put amazing journeys at your users’ fingertips.

What can mobile analytics do for you?

Control all the data derived from your mobile application’s performance and track and analyze user behavior from the very first moment they open your app. Then, use these insights to make app improvements, plan engagement strategies, and develop your goals. Plus, forget about educated guesses! Instead, fully understand the entire customer journey when you combine a host of features that do more, together!
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Insightful features for innovative applications

Keep a finger on the pulse of your app’s health
Get real-time performance metrics and identify any crash or issue instantly. Deliver precise information for faster fixes, prioritizing them based on severity, users affected, or impact to your revenue.
Let your own data guide your way
Get complete, granular access to your user and device-generated data. Then, segment it in any way you need, embedding your Countly features with precise insights and empowering your design, strategies, and reports.
Drive engagement with hyper-targetted outreach
Set up highly-segmented messaging campaigns with entirely customizable push notifications to iOS and Android users, with content, buttons, deep-links or URLs, delivery time, and specific audiences of your choice.

An innovative world of insights for mobile apps awaits

Put your data at work with analytics tracking

Total Sessions
Purchase Amount
Non-Fatal Crashes
Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Revenue by Paying Users
Average Step Completion Time
Median Start Traces
Average Session Duration
Session Frequency
Funnel Step Conversion Rates
Revenue per Session
Median Customer Rating
„With Countly we've been able to better plan and execute roadmaps for the product and updates. We plan releases and updates through Countly’s detailed data, which is giving us a deeper understanding of how customers are using the product"

Adeel Bhatti

Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Straight-forward and comprehensive integrations

Choose freely among 6 SDKs that make the most sense for your mobile app.

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