Group users based on their behavior and segment all your data and your actions using these groups.

Usage throughout Countly

Unlock unlimited filtering across different features based on cohorts to gain a true understanding of user behavior.

Retargeting made easy

As users enter and exit cohorts, find solutions to target them at each stage, based on retention and/or outreach strategies.

Time-sensitive results

Keep user groups constantly updated and know immediately when usage trends from target groups change.

Enabling the most powerful segmentation

Create user groupings based on shared behaviors or on similar properties or demographics and within given timeframes or in users' entire lifetime. Then, use cohorts as filters in other Countly features such as retention, funnels, user profiles, flows, and drills so that you can slice and dice all your data based on users belonging or not to different cohorts.

And, on top of this, cohorts are regenerated automatically so that the list of users in them is kept up to date.

Questions that Cohorts will answer within seconds

What are the retention rates of users who performed event X and event Y compared to users who didn't?
Who are the users who added a product into their cart but didn't perform a checkout?
How do funnel completion rates look for users who didn't perform event X in their lifetime vs those who did?
How long took users who logged in after a crash to perform a new purchase event?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Cohorts with…


To deep-dive into your granular data, but even more segmented.

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User Profiles

To know who the users in a cohort are, and understand their individual journey.

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