Answer complex questions by drilling down into granular data without writing any queries.

Build complex queries

Dig deep into your granular data in just a matter of seconds, and understand what is happening by slicing and dicing all your Session, Event, Views, Feedback, and Error/Crash data.

Easily reach out to users

Visualize your product analytics data in any way you need and combine it with other Countly features, like Push Notifications and User Profiles, to act upon data, increase retention, and drive engagement.

Save and replay

Optimize time by bookmarking your most frequent queries and quickly reproduce them whenever you or your product need.

Ask questions - get answers

Drill holds the key for any strategy to truly be powered by product analytics.

Through a simple query builder, Drill lets you drill down into granular data without writing any database queries. You can then funnel this data into every aspect of your product and use it to power other Countly features.

Whatever you wonder about your product and users, Drill always has the answer.

Instant answers: no complex SQL and no waiting

What are the top items purchased by first-time users who started using my application in the last 3 months?
Who are the users that performed event X with segmentation value Y at least twice in the last 30 days?
Which of the users that have completed a survey and that have suffered at least one crash returned to my app after x days?
Which devices are used by users who had more than 10 sessions in my application and have made a purchase?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Drill with…

Push Notifications

To target users matching a complex query.

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To add widgets to your custom dashboards and get complex data at your fingertips.

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