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What can web analytics do for you?

Get real-time information about your website’s traffic and performance. Track conversions and make the necessary improvements to deliver outstanding visitor experiences, reducing bounce rates and boosting revenue. When you know who does what and why across your website, you can identify and correct the obstacles that hurt your business – immediately.

Insightful features for innovative applications


Behaviors that drive improvements

Obtain comprehensive insights about how your visitors interact with your website: what pages they view, in which order, for how long, and more!

The progression needed

Track step-by-step journeys through your web applications, identify where visitors do what you would expect them to do (or don't), and prioritize the changes needed.

Correcting the course in real-time

Get real-time data about errors and exceptions that affect your web applications and websites. Deliver precise information and stack traces to developers for faster fixes and prevent any errors before they start to affect your business.

An innovative world of insights for websites awaits

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Web analytics as private as it gets

Own and control access to your data, not only staying in full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations but also distributing data to teams across your organization through varied permission levels. Make data privacy and the protection of visitor data your main asset, not a liability.
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Put your data to work with analytics tracking

Total Sessions
Purchase Amount
Non-Fatal Crashes
Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Revenue by Paying Users
Average Step Completion Time
Median Start Traces
Average Session Duration
Session Frequency
Funnel Step Conversion Rates
Revenue per Session
Median Customer Rating
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Data collection that meets your growth rates

Every data point sent from the SDK is instantly available for you to start making data-powered analyses truly in real time. With millions of visitors and billions of data points tracked in individual deployments, you can trust that your product and user data will deliver the metrics needed for your business.
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„With Countly we've been able to better plan and execute roadmaps for the product and updates. We plan releases and updates through Countly’s detailed data, which is giving us a deeper understanding of how customers are using the product"
Adeel Bhatti
Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Seamless SDK integration

Implement our JavaScript-based SDK into your web applications and automatically get precise server data sent to you, right away.
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Bring more value to your data

Your one-stop source of information to unlock the full potential of product analytics and Countly.
Four Stages of Product Analytics Maturity in Organizations
Understand the sequential process to become truly data-driven, and advance with efficiency and security at the core of your practices.
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Countly's Product Analytics for The Privacy-Conscious Crypto Market
Countly's Product Analytics for The Privacy-Conscious Crypto Market
What are the main characteristics of the crypto industry in relation to analytics and what makes Countly a good fit for this market?
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The Dark Truth Behind Session Recording
Basing your product analytics strategy on screen recordings may backfire and end up costing you money or worse - your users’ trust.
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