Push Notifications

Engage users at anytime with customized notifications and boost retention.

Engagement + Analytics

Track the delivery of your notifications and the actions taken by users at a granular level. Discover what works, change what doesn’t.

Powerful targeting for maximum engagement

Customize your notifications and send them to users or user groups categorized by region, behaviors, and custom properties.

Not just messages

Add images, video, audio, and other fun content in your notifications to grab attention and ensure reaction.

Communicate. Engage. Retain.

Push Notifications ensures that your mobile app remains front and center for your users.

Is there a new offer to reward their loyalty? Have a tip to help them overcome the step they’re stuck on? Customizable notifications allow you to address all these issues and re-engage users. Plus, with customizations, you can ensure that your app doesn’t disturb users and meets their preferences.

Discover the best way to engage with your users

Which offer helped users complete the in-app purchases they had abandoned and how can this influence pricing strategy?
What was the engagement rate of users who received helpful tips’ notifications in the last 30 days versus those who did not?
What type and frequency of engagement boosts retention in a specific region versus another?
Did a specific offering gain more traction through push notifications or through in-app banners?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Push Notifications with…


To target user groups that share specific actions or behaviors.

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Crash Analytics

To test if the extra users on the app cause any performance issues.

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