Mobile Analytics

Enable Countly to support data from mobile applications.


The Mobile Analytics feature is available in both the Enterprise and Enterprise Editions. Contact us to see a demo or set up your own Community Edition instance to see it in action.

Quick deployment

Enable your Countly Server to track any mobile application type by simply clicking a toggle button.

Mobile-matching interface

Automatically adapt Countly’s interface, including menus, options, and buttons, to fit a mobile application type.

Solidify and compare with other platforms

Create data visualizations that compare data from different application types to compare device performances and customer journeys.

More comprehensive user journeys

Empower Countly to track users in mobile applications and understand how users visualize, use, and engage with your product. Use this knowledge to create strategies based on the metrics and insights delivered by Mobile Analytics.

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Making Countly the perfect analytics partner for all mobile devices

What is the central place in Countly for all mobile-specific analytics features?
How does Countly adapt to mobile-related terminology?
Can Countly exchange the default translation strings with the ones for the mobile application type?
What are the application types included when creating a new application in Countly?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Mobile Analytics with…

Web Analytics

To make Countly adapt to web applications.

Desktop Analytics

To make Countly adapt to desktop applications.

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