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  • Provide a 360° view of your users across all your channels web, desktop, mobile and IoT
  • Find quick wins and issues to improve your product experience
  • Comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and more
  • Become a data-driven organization with easy access to data

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Four ways of securing innovation with Countly

Unlimited extensibility
With our 70+ features, you get to decide how much to experiment with your analytics to get a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey and product performance.
Complete data control and privacy
Comply with GDPR, COPPA, HIPAA, and many others: you are the owner and processor of your data. Plus, you manage who gets to see what within your teams.
Unbounded intelligence
Forget about data silos and teams working with different platforms. Get an all-in-one solution that centralizes your data results and strategies in one place and enables better decisions.
Undivided attention
Solidify your product analytics vendors into one, giving your teams fewer distractions when looking at product metrics, and helping you track KPIs' progress - all for a single price.

Trusted to empower through data

"A very cost-effective and comprehensive analytics platform (...), Much more cost-effective than going for a standardized solution from others, especially with the features that different teams can use."
Marketing Manager at Computer Software organization
"[The] best platform available for on-premise mobile and web app analytics (...), Countly has far more features, more intuitive UI, full API support and raw data access, as well as more competitive and adjustable pricing model for our needs."
Software Architect at Financial Services organization