A/B Testing

Optimize the reach of your Remote Config variables and measure their impact on your app’s behavior.

Power-up Remote Config

Once you set up codeless design variants on your app, test them, and implement the best-performing ones

Co-working features

Align testing with your segmentation and targeting strategies using A/B Testing with other Countly features like Cohorts and Drill.

Informed product decisions

Change your application's behaviors and appearance based on actual usage data and reduce untested guesswork.

Giving even more depth to codeless changes

The A/B Testing feature lets you experiment with different variants of your remote configuration variables to find the best performing variant based on your goals. You can then roll out the winning variant to all your users. Take advantage of all your default or custom user properties and user actions (such as sessions, views, events, etc.) while building the target audience for your experiment.

A/B Testing proves the hypotheses that shape your product

Which location of a button attracts the most clicks?
What kind of content ensures more readership of a page?
At which point in the customer journey should be better to show a survey widget?
Which order of pages during sign-up ensures less bounce?

Enrich your product analytics by combining A/B Testing with…


To better target the users of each test you run.

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To identify which sections of your product attract the least attention.

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Resources related to the A/B Testing feature

A/B Testing User Guide

Remote Config User Guide

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