Follow retention trends on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to see user engagement levels.

Identify daily, weekly, and monthly retention

See what percentage of users are returning and how these trends have changed over time to identify causes of churn and boost loyalty.

Segment retention data for more insight

Drill into your data by segmenting on the basis of properties, events, and more to get retention data for specific user groups.

Full, classic, and unbounded retention for greater detail

With three different calculation methods available, choose the one that best suits your needs for accurate retention analysis

Learn why users return and optimize your website and app

Retention is a key metric when determining whether your app, website, and activities are working for your target audience.

Monitoring retention and its trends enables you to see what your users like and dislike, and develop an experience that appeals to their preferences. Easily identify churn and take action to re-engage dissatisfied customers to boost loyalty.

Answers to know how your app and website retains users

What are my monthly retention rates and how have they changed over the past one year?
When did the recent drop in retention begin?
Are users who use my app on iOS more or less retained than those on Android?
What percentage of users that logged in last week for the first time have been retained until today?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Retention with…

Crashes and Errors

To see what effect technical issues have had on retention.

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User Profiles

To get more detail on retained users and identify the ideal customer.

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