User Profiles

Get a complete understanding of users with individual-level data.

Individual-level data, in real-time

Get detailed data on individual users, including enriched profiles as well as engagement with your app or website. All in real-time.

Additional analysis based on properties and behaviors

Use customized properties and behaviors to further analyze and segment your users for accurate targeting.

Remain data-privacy compliant

Get all this information while remaining completely data-privacy compliant. Because your users’ data should always be protected.

Understanding users doesn't have to be limited by privacy concerns

Countly enables you to get detailed customer insights, without having to compromise data depth for privacy compliance.

You can segment your users on the basis of properties and behaviors of your choice, and use this data to create personalized user journeys and exceptional customer experiences.

Get to know your users for improved acquisition and retention

How much time did User X spend on my website and what was the sequence of events they triggered?
How many sessions did User X log and what did they do during each session?
At which step did User X leave my app, and what performance issue occured just before that?
Which devices did User X log in from and what was the sequence of actions they undertook?

Enrich your product analytics by combining User Profiles with…


To see how individual users travel through funnels and why they complete or don’t complete steps.

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To see if a user faced any technical issues, what led to them, and what happened after.

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