Visualize and share the metrics that matter the most to your business.

An essential solution

Creating unlimited dashboards is the solution needed by any product-oriented team.

Solidifying insights

Bring together data points from as many applications you need for each case.

Reflection of Countly’s power

Create dashboards that report your selected insights from Countly’s many features.

Keep everyone in the (real-time) loop

Using the Dashboards feature, you can create as many dashboards as you like to visualize data from multiple applications using time series, bar charts, tables, and widgets from the Countly features of your choice.

You can even use the full-screen mode on a large display in order to easily be on top of your important business KPIs at all times.

Questions that Dashboards can answer within seconds

How are our service levels affecting customer satisfaction for users with X segmentation?
Is each member of the team getting insights customized by data type, team, and access control?
Which Countly features are the most useful to showcase X results for Y team?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Dashboards with…


To display real-time KPIs based on multiple features.

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To include different data types from multiple widgets and multiple apps.

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