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Can I choose individual features?
All features are available in the Countly Enterprise (Countly Lite has limited features). You have access to all the features available in your selected Plan, and you can choose to use or not use them as per your requirement. In most cases, if you start using a feature later, the data is populated retroactively too! See the features of each plan here.
I have Countly Lite. Can I try a feature available for Countly Enterprise?
When you switch to Countly Enterprise you automatically gain access to all features in Countly. If you would like to explore specific features, book a Demo for them here.
What are Strategies useful for?
They are features grouped by possible strategies that you might want to implement in your product. You can find out more about them here.
Which features are the most useful?
It really depends on the type of Product, your Team, and your Industry. Each features works with others, making your data that much more powerful and insightful.
Can I create my own feature?
Yes! We welcome anyone who wants to contribute in making Countly the most powerful and most democratic product analytics platform in the market. Check out how to do it here.
How do I enable features?
Some features are enabled by default. Others need to be individually enabled directly within Countly when you're ready to use them. In addition, some features require some extra steps taken within your tech stack. Find the steps for enabling each in the User Guides here.

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