Monitor app and website performance from network and device perspectives.

Identify network and device issues that hinder performance

See where network and device issues may be negatively impacting app performance and leading to dissatisfactory user experiences.

Analyze performance and take corrective action faster

Easily track recent issues, percentage of requests affected, and common patterns that lead to latency issues for faster corrective action.

Drill deeper into performance data for comprehensive analysis

Easily delve into more detail to see individual outliers such as response/load times, success rates, and payload sizes.

Complete overview of app performance

Get a comprehensive look into network and device issues that may be affecting your users’ experiences.

See which screens are loading slower than others, check network response latency and success rates, and monitor device and screen responsiveness. Also create custom traces to monitor the performance of specific code in your app.

Crucial performance insights that you need to be on top of:

Which is the screen to render the slowest in my app and how many users are bouncing at this point?
How long does the app take to start once opened on specific devices and geographical locations?
How long does it take for a new page/screen to load once a user clicks on the option?
How long does a page/screen take to become interactive after the user has clicked on it?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Performance with…


To see how performance issues are impacting bounce rates and journey completions.

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To target users who have faced performance issues and boost re-acquisition.

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