Find out if your app and website are making your users smile or frown.

Find out how customers feel

Use a quick rating pop-up to find out how users feel at any point of interaction with your app or website.

Customizable questions, options, and appearance

Ask the questions that matter, decide where and when to engage with users, and customize how the widget pops up.

Get more detail with one click

Want to know more than a smile or frown? Add the comment option to get detailed feedback.

See which interactions are leaving your users happy or dissatisfied

With the Ratings widget, you can engage with your users at any point of interaction. Get feedback on a new page or feature, or even an entire experience.

Customizable appearance and questions can help you determine how users engage when giving feedback to optimize response rates and build a product that you know your users love.

Discover what your users and visitors love about your app

What percentage of users liked the updated appointment booking page?
What percentage of visitors liked the new homepage of the website?
What percentage of users liked the updated checkout experience?
What percentage of users liked the new payment transfer feature?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Ratings with…


To further analyze groups of dissatisfied users.

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Push Notifications

To target a campaign at users who rated an experience as dissatisfactory.

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Resources related to the Ratings feature

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