Measure customer experience and long-term loyalty using Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) surveys.

Customizable and engaging widgets

Customize the look and feel of your NPS® surveys to match your brand.

Compare standardized metrics

Net Promoter Scores® are incredibly useful for determining industry benchmarks, especially in the long term and across markets.

Segmented for each user

Hypersegment your NPS® campaigns triggering widgets based on user in-app behavior and/or demographic properties.

Turn immediate feedback into user loyalty

With NPS®, engage with your users, know how satisfied they are with your product, service, or brand, and how likely they are to recommend you.

The NPS® survey is deployed when a user triggers an event of choice and, based on their user experience and response, they are categorized so you can easily measure their responses and take the appropriate actions.

Feedback questions that NPS® surveys will respond

How much did a product price increase impact our long-term client loyalty?
Do certain in-app processes lead to lower NPS scores?
Was a campaign able to revert the lower scores from users impacted by a crash?
What did users that recorded a low NPS have to say about the product?

Enrich your product analytics by combining NPS® with…

Push Notifications

To re-engage with users who scored the lowest.

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Remote Config

To change the interface shown to users who scored higher.

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