Remote Config

Change specific app features and behaviors without any code updates.

App changes without code changes

Define app parameters and set defaults. Use Remote Config to change these values without having to change your app code. Simple. Fast. Easy.

Test app changes without updating

Test planned app changes with different user groups segmented by behaviors or properties, and see which version users respond to more.

Truly remote

Build products your users love, all while not changing the core of your product code. Remote changes. Remote testing. User approved updates.

Building products your users love while easing your team's work

Updates are crucial to keeping users engaged and loyal. But they can cost time, effort, and money, while results remain unknown. Remote Config solves that very problem.

Test updates through Countly without changing the base code, test options, and get your users to tell you what they like, within a fraction of the effort. Roll out features you know your users will love.

Insights into how app changes will affect retention and engagement

Which version of the new feature page do users prefer?
Which updated feature page gets more clicks on the ‘Purchase’ button?
Which version of the updated feature page more effectively resolves bounces seen earlier at a specific step of the funnel?
Which version of the homepage is leading to users exploring more features?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Remote Config with…

A/B Testing

To see which color, content, UI, and other option users prefer.

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To test updates with specific user groups for better targeting.

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Resources related to the Remote Config feature

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A/B Testing User Guide

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