Follow and segment the path of your users through your application.

Simple but powerful birds-eye view

See the step-by-step of every view or action taken by your users as they navigate your interface.

Customizable and segmented visualizations

Skip individual steps or segment your user base depending on shared properties to track the path that matches your strategies.

Retroactive Flow data

Flows is a visualization of user data already being tracked, which means that you can set them up at any point and edit them as you like in the future.

Birds-eye view of your users' paths

Automatically visualize common events and view/page paths of your application users, without having to define each individual path as a Funnel. You can also exclude certain events from the flow calculation by defining which steps or nodes to ignore or filter certain segments of your user base.

What kind of insights can you expect from Flows?

Did users click on the button we expected after seeing a certain product?
What is the first and second thing users clicked on after starting a session?
Are users from a certain country arriving at a checkout page in fewer steps?
What percentage of users did not view the terms and conditions before purchasing?

Enrich your product analytics by combining Flows with…


To define and measure the success of individual steps in user paths.

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To translate the success of individual steps in the user path.

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