Track revenue generation trends from your app or website in real-time.

Real-time revenue tracking

Track which in-app purchases or events are generating the most and least revenue in real-time for better price planning.

Plan features that sell

Track revenue trends to see what type of offerings can generate more revenue and which ones need improvements to drive more purchases.

Segment and drill into revenue data

Identify ideal audiences through detailed insights into the users and behaviors that drive revenue, fine-tuned by segmentation and filters.

About the Revenue feature

The Revenue feature helps you in understanding how your app or website generates income and also identify revenue-generating audiences that you need to target.

You can track revenue for specific events in real-time, identify which events provide the most and least revenue, and monitor revenue generation trends to obtain valuable insights about your users' purchasing preferences and habits.

Resources related to the Revenue feature

Revenue User Guide

Events User Guide

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