Filtering Rules

Filter out the collection of specific requests, events, sessions, or properties.

Exclude sensitive data

Maintain data privacy by excluding data with specific properties, or event or session based data.

Filter out data

Filter out all requests that share a property (like IP address or region), or filter based on events and sessions - all from one place.

No limits on rules

Add as many filtering rules as you’d like to ensure you’re protecting user data while still being able to collect what you need.

About the Filtering Rules Feature

Filtering Rules allows you to filter incoming requests from the SDKs, as per the criteria you set. Filter out results with a specific property or data on session or event level of granularity, with optional segmentation criteria.

Using this feature, you can manage all data filtering from one place, ensuring that your data collection meets your needs while maintaining users’ privacy.

Resources related to the Filtering Rules feature

Filtering Rules User Guide


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