Data Manager

Manage, edit, and update Events, Event Groups, and more.

Easily manage events

See all your events in one place and update, edit, group, validate, and transform their details with just a few clicks.

Data security made simple

Validate event data to easily filter any sensitive information and ensure that no inessential data is collected, keeping users’ data secure.

Quickly transform event data collection

Easily change events’ names and groups, or merge related events, to improve data collection efficiency, all from one place.

About the Data Manager feature

Data Manager is a comprehensive feature that allows you to look into and action upon all your events - interactions between your users and your app/website.

Controlling how your events actually collect data and editing them to improve your data collection can be done from one place, saving you time and effort, while also ensuring that you have a clear view on data privacy compliance.

Resources related to the Data Manager feature

Data Manager User Guide

Events User Guide

Utilities User Guide

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