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The one place where analytics and teams come together

Countly is an all-in-one, scalable solution that empowers every team to make product innovation a reality.

A solution tailored to meet, adapt, and scale to the needs of every team

Trusted by leading, best-in-class organizations to deliver product excellence
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Product Teams

Centralize product metrics without needing to switch between tools for complete analysis and without the need to correlate data across tools. Plus, gain deeper data about your customers while remaining privacy compliant.
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Countly UI User Analytics Behaviour
Countly UI Dashboard

Engineering Teams

Integrate an all-in-one, extensible product analytics platform that lets you control the data flow from your applications to the server. Everything you do with your data is in your hands and no one is in the middle.
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“IrisVision needed an analytics tool that gives the ability to deeply understand the customer-product behavior and engagement. This is exactly what we found in Countly.”
Adeel Bhatti
Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Sales Teams

Understand individual-level user intelligence including application usage frequency and extent, along with demographic segmentation. Let data elevate your pitches, how you identify prospects, and their targeting.
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Section of how the Feature Cohorts looks in Countly

Marketing Teams

Truly understand individual customer journeys, as well as engaging, communicating, and planning strategies that increase retention and reduce churn. All from within a single platform.
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Customer Success Teams

Combine a timeline of individual user activity with unparalleled segmentation capabilities, analytics-informed push notifications, and feedback tools. All with an easy-to-use platform.
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Get to really know your users

Get the 360° degree solution that you have been missing and create better products.
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