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Better analytics for deeper customer journey knowledge

Analyze and track application usage metrics, device performance, and feedback results, all in a single tool.

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User Profiles

Exceptional journeys for each user

Create and store individual profiles of users, along with their metadata and custom metrics, to identify issues they face and improve your product.
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All your KPIs in one place

Create unlimited data visualizations with all the insights you need coming from your product and users, for every team.
Remote Config

Adapt your app codelessly

Segment changes in your interface based on your audience and make their experiences more valuable.

Collect the feedback you need

Customize surveys entirely to get valuable insights on product experience and usability, tracking results individually and through time.
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Privacy compliant journey intelligence

Put your trust in an all-in-one solution that, while complying with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and others, provides a holistic view of individualized customer journeys. Collect, analyze, and share metrics with your teams in real-time and incorporate data insights into your product development.
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Privacy by Design

100% compliant with regulations

Always stay within the boundaries of data privacy frameworks like GDPR and keep user data protected.
Make privacy your strongest asset
Democratize Data

Full overview of product insights

Solidify performance indicators into data dashboards that can be shared with different teams and collaborate on real-time product intelligence.
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From Analytics to Action

Scalable through time

Elevate your analytics strategies as your data needs grow through time with a flexible product analytics infrastructure.
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Privacy by Design

100% data ownership

Get full control of your own databases without needing to rely on any third parties.
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From Analytics to Action

Deeper understanding of customer journeys

Analyze your granular data collected and design innovative journeys to improve user acquisition and retention.
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Democratize Data

One tool - multiple teams

Keep your tech stack costs under control by using an all-in-one solution where all teams can collect, analyze, and share data with only a few clicks.
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Democratize Data

Engagement above the drop

Take advantage of device and user analytics to design products that retain users, keep engagement high, and reduce churn.
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Privacy by Design

Keep data safe - always!

Gain control, ownership, and full management of all user data, in full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations.
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Privacy by Design

Flexible deployment plans

Choose on-prem or cloud deployments with the security of knowing that user data will never be at risk.
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From Analytics to Action

Cross-platform data management

Aggregate user and usage data coming from different devices to gain a true, full perspective of customer journeys.
Improve your data strategies
From Analytics to Action

Create extraordinary experiences

Analyze user behavior to empower your teams and create more seamless journeys that lead to faster conversions.
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Democratize Data

Projects with clearer objectives

Infuse each product enhancement and sprint with real-time data shared across teams for a better-informed process.
How can eCommerce teams benefit from Countly?
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“Using Countly, we’ve been able to identify trends in how customers use the product, what modes are accessed through voice command versus touch, points of friction in any commands, and more.”
Adeel Bhatti
Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Countly in a nutshell

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Full customer journey coverage
Solidify precise user data coming from across devices.
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Guaranteed data privacy
Stay compliant with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA in any deployment.
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Game-changing data sharing
Get one tool that all teams can use to report insights and exchange data and ideas.

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