The privacy-conscious solution to drive ever-innovative financial services

Build the responsible, data-powered strategies that bring value to your customers and make your business grow.

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Revolutionize how your users navigate your apps

See where you're losing your users and design innovative journeys to keep them engaged.

Behavioral segmentation done right

Group your entire user base according to their shared behaviors and properties to build outstanding financial solutions for your audience.

See all customer journeys at once

Visualize your customers’ experience through all points of contact, uncovering barriers and designing paths that lead them - and your business - to success.
User Profiles

Dive into individual user data, securely

Get insights into the customer intelligence and user journeys to deliver exceptional experiences, always with full privacy regulation compliance.
Trusted by leading, privacy-conscious financial organizations to deliver product excellence.

How do different teams in the Finance and FinTech industries use Countly?

Democratizing Data

All your product insights - One platform

Align all development efforts with analytics and insights gathered under a single roof, avoiding silos and streamlining processes across teams.
From Analytics to Action

Make informed decisions at every step

Put together solid development processes based only on the crucial insights needed for each sprint, each product, and each platform.
From Analytics to Action

Discover new and exciting solutions

Develop better management of issues, faster response time for tech fixes, and align cross-functional teams with customer satisfaction goals.
Privacy by Design

Data-tight deployments

Implement data controls and access permissions to ensure that users’ personal and financial data is never, ever at risk.
From Analytics to Action

Identify leads faster, powered by analytics

Enrich your sales pitches and drive revenue growth with insights derived from your visitors’ journeys and behaviors.
Democratize Data

Collaboration for a comprehensive understanding of each account

Truly understand prospects by building an effective network of shared intelligence that facilitates sales processes and productivity.
From Analytics to Action

More conversions and revenue. Less churn.

Add value to your data-driven campaigns with highly-targeted digital activities across multiple touchpoints.
Privacy by Design

Convey revolutionary, privacy-first messages

Make data protection central to your communication strategies, while engaging users with hyper-targeted messages.
Democratize Data

Where retention and data strategies meet

Data-driven stakeholder management enriched with a 360-degree view of your customer, visible toand actionable by all your teams.
From Analytics to Action

Powerful feedback = More powerful apps

Set in motion Voice of the Customer strategies, nurture the relationship with your users based on their opinions, and provide crucial feedback for the product’s lifecycle.
“Countly [has] far more features, more intuitive UI, full API support and raw data access, as well as more competitive and adjustable pricing model for our needs.”

Paulius G.

Software Architect at a Financial Services organization

What benefits will you get by using product analytics?

Unrestrained business expansion
Know your customer like never before and equip them with the financial solutions they need.
One platform, multiple teams, unlimited insights
Share tools to analyze user data and foster team collaboration, while reducing licensing and training costs.
Never worry about data privacy again
Effortlessly keep your data secure, manage who accesses it, and always stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and other data protection regulations.

Data-based insights that shape innovation strategies

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