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Improve customer journeys, one data point at a time

Get the product insights you need to ensure extraordinary customer experiences and make churn a thing of the past

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Measure the impact of your pages

Find out what catches the most attention in users and determine what makes them bounce away from your website or app.

Perfected step-by-step journeys

Discover when users churn while navigating your app and start reducing your churn rates immediately.
Push Notifications

Ultimate outreach for ultimate products

Choose what, how, and when to deliver to highly-segmented users or devices, and drive engagement through the roof.

Segmentation that you can rely on

Group users by common behaviors or properties that you set and tailor your messaging to their unique tastes.
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Deep-dive into individualized customer journeys

Gather and analyze the data that will finally allow you to get the full picture of who your customers are and how they interact with your product and your brand. Create campaigns that not only drive engagement and loyalty, but also increase conversions and revenue, all while aligning with sales and product development targets.
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How do Marketing Teams in different industries use Countly?

From Analytics to Action

Keep the user central

Deliver valuable insights based on your users’ assets, the actions they take in your app, and any other customized property you need.
Strategize growth through engagement
Privacy by Design

Full data protection compliance

Put your energies in understanding users better, not in potential data breaches or non-compliance fines.
How can you control and process data?
Privacy by Design

Always hold your users' trust

Maintain user trust through compliance, transparency, and communication as they share personal information.
Make your analytics secure. Always.
Democratize Data

All user data in one, central place

Solidify all user behavior and segmentation capabilities to get a precise outlook of their experiences that all teams can access.
Go deeper into customer journeys
From Analytics to Action

Campaigns that deliver outstanding results

Explore data granularly to determine strategies that embolden all your value propositions based on who your users are and what they need.
Better inform your growth decisions
Democratize Data

Measure the impact

Implement metrics that inform the rest of your teams in real-time about successes and collaborate faster on strategies to overcome any shortcomings.
Why is Countly the best solution for Telecommunications?
From Analytics to Action

Stay relevant through time

Easily identify gaps in user progress and come up with new ways to increase engagement and reduce churn.
Analyze user behavior
Democratize Data

Data-powered user cohorts

Group users as they achieve goals and design more efficient and engaging communications with insights from other teams.
Strategize with user hyper-segmentation
Privacy by Design

Tight data controls

Make the ownership, control, and processing of user data your strongest asset, regardless of the deployment and platform.
How can you securely manage databases?
From Analytics to Action

No more churn

Deploy informed strategies to encourage retention and drive user loyalty, even without the need of collecting more data.
Find ways with your current data
From Analytics to Action

Instantly deliver relevance

Keep your product at the center of attention with push notifications customizable for every need and time.
Improve engagement and outreach
Democratize Data

Streamline conversions

Work with other teams to make informed changes to your product and bring an easier and more attractive interface that continuously drives revenue.
Improve analytics strategies
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“Countly is a very cost-effective and comprehensive analytics platform, great to boost customer engagement and retention."
Zeynep Meriç U.
Marketing Manager in a Computer Software organization

Countly in a Nutshell

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Real-time reporting
Relevant metrics and KPIs delivered to everyone who needs them.
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Granular segmentation
Customizable behavioral and demographic data segmentation.
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Codeless testing
The ease of running design experiments and implementations from one place.

Countly Resources

Your one-stop source of information to unlock the full potential of your product through analytics.
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