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Infuse your product and services with the ultimate data-private strategies that will bring you closer to your customers than ever before

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Meaningful and impactful connections

Revolutionize how you communicate with your customers with fast and personalized messages that keep your brand center stage.

Tap into all customer journeys at once

Visualize your customers’ experiences through all points of contact, uncovering barriers and designing paths that lead them - and your business - to success.

Make your data work for your goals

Slice and dice all your data like never before, translating complex queries into the simplified, insights-driven decisions your product or services need.

Behavioral segmentation done right

Break down your entire user base by their shared behaviors and properties, and design the innovations that will benefit each of them.
Trusted by leading, privacy-conscious organizations to deliver smart and global solutions
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Connect the dots between
growth and digital transformation

Become the bridge between the worlds of data-hungry users and data-powered technology.

How do teams in the telecommunications industry use Countly?

From Analytics to Action

Build lasting, data-informed growth

Put together solid development and digitization processes based only on the crucial metrics needed for each product, each service, and each point of contact.
Privacy by Design

Keep data safe

Honor hard-won users’ trust in your brand with secure data management and processing, consistent with major data privacy regulatory requirements, including GDPR and CCPA.
Privacy by Design

Data ownership, guaranteed

Implement data controls and access permissions to ensure that users’ personal data is never, ever at risk.
From Analytics to Action

Discover new and exciting solutions

Develop better management of issues, faster response time for tech fixes, and align cross-functional teams with customer satisfaction goals.
From Analytics to Action

Be a digitization trailblazer

Skyrocket revenue with insights derived from every data point generated by you, your users, and your potential partners.
Democratize Data

Craft irresistible sales proposals

Build an effective network of shared intelligence that facilitates sales processes and productivity, and exceed your prospects' expectations.
From Analytics to Action

More conversions and revenue. Less churn.

Add value to your data-driven campaigns with highly-targeted digital activities across multiple touchpoints.
Democratize Data

Deliver much-needed real-time content

Funnel insights from across your organization to create impactful and effective marketing campaigns, available right when and where your users need them.
From Analytics to Action

Powerful feedback = More powerful apps

Set in motion Voice of the Customer strategies, nurture relationships with your users based on their opinions, and provide crucial feedback for the product’s lifecycle.
Democratize Data

All-around digital transformation

Find ever-innovative ways to build brand value from data-powered interactions across every point of user contact.
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"Countly is great, [with] lots and lots of deep data for you to peruse. There is so much in there we haven't scratched the surface yet. Looking forward to digging into customer usage patterns, device usage, etc."
Stephen D.
Technical Delivery Manager at a Telecommunications organization

The perfect intersection between privacy and security

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Protected user data and privacy
Compliant management of data under major privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
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Secure deployments = Data ownership
100% ownership with the freedom to choose between on-premises and cloud deployments. Guaranteed.

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