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Deliver exceptional support through an in-depth understanding of the user experience at every step

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User experience segmentation

Group your users based on customizable properties or shared behaviors, and reuse these insights for any outreach strategy.
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Perfected onboardings

Determine success rates of any pre-estrablished processes, identifying both gaps and individuals along the way.
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User Profiles

Personalized support

Pin-point usage obstacles, and track progressions and all known user-centric information.

Data-powered research

Dig into every aspect that influences user experience by taking a granular look into all your data.
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A snapshot of the entire customer journey

Access a timeline of any individual user’s activity and understand exactly when, how, and why roadblocks affected the user experience. Fix it instantly or proactively reach out with tailored solutions.
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Privacy by Design

Keep data in-house

Self-host your product analytics solution and retain full control over data storage and processing.
Make data fully secure
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Real-time KPI overview

Design dashboards and other tools to keep track of user activity and product and team performance to quickly identify trend changes.
Customizable and efficient reporting
Privacy by Design

Ensured regulatory compliance

Keep user and patient data safe, without exception and in full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other frameworks.
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Centralize user data permissions

Manage user consents and PII access easily without running the risk of data breaches.
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Democratize Data

All user journey data in one place

Quickly find solutions to users’ issues with cross-team collaboration based on the same data insights visualizations.
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No more churn

Make retention strategies the core of every data point collected with the right set of tools.
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Proactive and reactive messaging

Send push notifications to not only stay relevant and retain users but also to keep them engaged and motivated.
Develop engagement strategies
Privacy by Design

Respect every user’s privacy

Stay aligned with major privacy regulations like CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR, and make user trust central to your product.
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Raw data access

Run powerful queries by drilling down into your databases, and achieve the ultimate segmentation capabilities.
Learn ways of analyzing data
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Real-time performance insights

Instantly identify when and where your application performance is affected and the user groups that need to be supported.
Immediate damage control
Democratize Data

Measure revenue loss

Collaborate between teams to know when a performance issue impacts your revenue directly, and quickly react to any issues.
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Journey obstacle analysis

Discover how and when users are having issues following steps through your application, and engage with them to improve successful conversions.
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"Great to understand our customers in a lot of detail and shape the product to meet their expectations, without worrying about data privacy issues."
Murat D.
CEO at a Computer Software organization

Countly in a Nutshell

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Easy deployment and installation
Choose your hosting model and get started in only a few clicks.
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Customizable extensibility
Scale Countly and your product with dozens of features and plugins to choose from.
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Intuitive interface
Self-explanatory and easy-to-use features with top-notch documentation and support.

Bring more value to your data

Your one-stop source of information to unlock the full potential of product analytics and Countly.
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Four Stages of Product Analytics Maturity in Organizations
Understand the sequential process to become truly data-driven, and advance with efficiency and security at the core of your practices.
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Benefits of Getting Customer Feedback Through Countly
In-depth analysis of customer feedback tools and their possible implementation into every product strategy.
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