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A flexible and extensible plugin-based infrastructure to fit all your analytics needs - all in one place.

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Empowered Engagement

Master how you measure, track, and drive user interaction in your product to know more and scale faster.

Unparalleled Security and Privacy

No analytics solution can be complete without giving you a wide selection of features that ensure user data is never at risk. From customizable user access permissions to authentication integrations, you control data flows.
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Comprehensive User Behavior

Individual customer experience insights across every platform, made simple.

Far-reaching Product Health

All-around check-ups to make your app as perfect as possible, shaped by analytics.
Performance Monitoring
Find out how networks and devices affect the requests to your application and act before they impact the user experience.
Crashes and Errors
Track, resolve, and act upon crashes/errors in your apps in real-time (with JIRA integration!).

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