Online Users

Visualize online users in real-time.

Real-time data

“Online” means right now – visualize immediate audience traffic data in your application.

Threshold alerts

Create triggers that inform you when certain values get reached the moment they occur.

Interconnected reporting

Obtain a set of widgets to insert Online User data in other Countly features, accessible to any team you want.

Comprehensive real-time data

The Online Users feature adds the following capabilities to Countly:

  • A widget on the Homepage
  • A Dashboards feature widget that you can use in your custom dashboards
  • A dedicated Online Users section under the Analytics menu in your sidebar

With this dedicated Online Users section you can visualize crucial metrics in time series charts, display 30-day high and low usage values, and even setup alerts whenever a customizable threshold is passed, such as when a new all-time or 30-day record.

Resources related to the Online Users feature

Online Users User Guide


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