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User Profiles

Informed upselling

Know each user better so you can pitch sales proposals to your strengths and their needs.
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Prioritize loyalty

Survey which high-value clients are the most satisfied and most likely to continue being loyal to you.
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Aggregate user behavior

Segment and understand how users from different organization sizes and locations behave.

Track conversion success

Determine what drives revenue and focus on end-to-end conversions, measuring impact and identifying potential improvements.
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Power through user knowledge

Consolidate the business intelligence of individualized customer journeys into a single place, so you can integrate it with other information and tools to make the crucial decisions that will drive conversions and improve retention.
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Privacy by Design

Ensuring data safety

Ensure full compliance with all major data privacy regulations (including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA), and retain user trust.
How does it work?
From Analytics to Action

Spotlight on your prospects

Segment and identify potential revenue streams by infusing strategic decisions with analytics.
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Democratize Data

Collaborative sales pitches

Identify leads and upsells powered by data insights based on current usage trends coming from every team in your organization.
Simplify KPI visualizations
Privacy by Design

Data control and ownership

Comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, keeping patient data protected and under your sole control.
How is Countly privacy compliant?
From Analytics to Action

Excelling through analytics

Go beyond industry benchmarks when you incorporate product analytics into sales cycles, regardless of who and where your clients are.
How can this be done?
Democratize Data

Reporting all-around

Get real-time, highly customizable reporting features so you never lose sight of your KPIs.
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Democratize Data

Nurture leads through data

Implement comprehensive ways to use data to better understand users and develop more efficient and convincing pitches.
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Privacy by Design

Secure data management

Get granular access to user-generated data while retaining control and ownership, regardless of your deployment type.
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From Analytics to Action

Extensive data integration

Infuse your CRM and sales pipeline records with real-time and personalized user-based data.
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Democratize Data

Share insights faster

Incorporate usage and demographic data enabled by cross-team collaborative features.
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Democratize Data

Leverage campaign results

Integrate real-time reporting into any strategy to keep KPIs relevant and teams aligned.
Empower growth through collaboration
From Analytics to Action

Inform your sales tactics

Identify the key drivers for early conversions and improve value propositions to ensure upsells across all platforms.
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“Customer journey optimization has been key for us. Countly has consistently helped us with this.”

Adeel Bhatti

Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Countly in a nutshell

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Proactive pitches
Relevant business intelligence for more valuable offers.
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Informed targeting
Segmented user base in product-led sales cycles.
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Prospect identification
Comprehensive profiling shareable through integrations.

Countly Resources

Your one-stop source of information to unlock the full potential of your product through analytics.
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