Countly for Healthcare, HealthTech, and MedTech

The privacy-conscious solution for a 360-degree view of your users

Gather all your data in one place to continuously improve life-changing applications and deliver the best and most transparent healthcare.

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Push Notifications

Engagement, when your users need it

Deliver rapid and personalized messages that address every healthcare challenge for every user, at the right time.

Behavioral segmentation done right

Group your entire user base according to their shared behaviors and properties to build solutions that improve people’s lives.
User Profiles

Dive into individual user data, securely

Get insights into the personal journeys of your users to deliver exceptional experiences, always with full privacy regulation compliance.

Revolutionize how your users navigate your apps

See where you are losing your users and design innovative journeys to keep them engaged.
Trusted by leading, privacy-conscious organizations to deliver product excellence.

How do different teams in the Healthcare, HealthTech, and MedTech industries use Countly?

Democratize Data

All your product insights - One platform

Align all development efforts with analytics and insights gathered under a single roof, avoiding silos and streamlining processes across teams.
Privacy by Design

Keep up with data protection regulations

Honor users’ trust in your product by keeping the processing of healthcare data consistent with major data privacy regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
From Analytics to Action

Discover new and exciting solutions

Develop better management of issues, faster response time for tech fixes, and align cross-functional teams with customer satisfaction goals.
Privacy by Design

Data-tight deployments

Implement data controls and access permissions to ensure that users’ healthcare data is never, ever at risk.
From Analytics to Action

Identify leads faster, powered by analytics

Enrich your sales pitches and drive revenue growth with insights derived from your visitors’ journeys and behaviors.
Democratize Data

Collaborative understanding of each account

Truly understand prospects by building an effective network of shared intelligence that facilitates sales processes and productivity.
From Analytics to Action

More conversions. More revenue. Less churn.

Add value to your data-driven campaigns with highly-targeted digital activities across multiple touchpoints.
Privacy by Design

Convey revolutionary, privacy-first messages

Make data protection central to your communication strategies, while engaging users with hyper-targeted messages.
Democratize Data

The intersection between your retention and data strategies

Data-driven stakeholder management enriched with a 360-degree view of the user, accessible to and actionable by all your teams.
From Analytics to Action

Powerful feedback = More powerful apps

Set in motion Voice of the Customer strategies, nurture the relationship with your users based on their opinions, and provide crucial feedback for the product’s lifecycle.
“Using Countly, we’ve been able to identify trends in how customers use the product. This way, we’ve been keeping customer experience central to our product roadmap.”

Adeel Bhatti

Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

The data privacy that your users deserve

Comprehensive regulatory compliance
Ethical and compliant management of data under privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
Secure deployments = Data ownership
100% ownership with the freedom to choose between on-premises and cloud deployments. Guaranteed.

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