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Accessible, customizable, and extensible product analytics

Control, store, and process user- and device-generated raw data, integrating product analytics into lifecycles, and extendable as you scale.

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All the data you need, in one place

Customize exactly which and how you visualize datasets, choosing the metrics, the control accesses, and even their reporting capabilities.

Automated reactions to collected data

Implement hooks to automatically trigger HTTP endpoints that take users and/or the data they generate wherever you need them.

Unlimited behavioral user grouping

Segment user bases depending on their shared behavior and use the groups to automate further actions, metrics, or reports.
User Profiles

Personalized integrations

Manage individual profiles that centralize all data points generated by identified users and reuse them with the CRM of your choice.
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Product analytics that scale along your product

In Countly, almost everything is configurable and can be extended, including through plugins coded by you, making it a perfect solution for variable data flows through time, as well as ideal to empower collaborations across the entire organization.

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Privacy by Design

Security that you
can rely on

Get an entire suite of tools that guarantee accountable data usage and management through logs, integrations, and approvers.
Perfect data management
Democratize Data

Controlled access
to data

Don’t get your data locked. Instead, get direct database access, read API, and in-build database viewer.
How do you get full data control?
Privacy by Design

Data privacy compliance

Get complete peace of mind and full ownership of users’ personally identifiable information, in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and more.
How do you make privacy central?
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Satisfying data needs

Work with other teams to understand their data needs and help collect, process, and feed them valuable insights.
How can you work together with other teams?
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Simplified scaling

Work around your data needs faster with an extensible and flexible feature-based infrastructure.
How do Countly features work?
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Exceptional deployment, regardless of size

Process as many data points as you want, fast! Streamline data processing in any server.
What are the server options?
Democratize Data

Customization that drives growth

Implement the product analytics strategies that make the most sense to your business and the data you collect, simply by customizing your collection tools.
How much can you customize with Countly?
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Adaptable flexibility

Enable and disable features on the fly based on your need with an entire suite of features and integrations available.
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Privacy by Design

On-premises analytics

Retain complete control of data when you choose our self-hosted deployment, all the while maintaining the same flexibility and services.
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More power to you

Manage everything that Countly does for you, including your data point count, the features you use, access controls, and more.
What does self-management involve?
Democratize Data

Ease of use for everyone

Empower all teams by providing them streamlined access to data-powered insights that are easy to understand and customize.
How does Countly work in eCommerce?
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Simple integrations

Manage how product analytics inform your current and future growth with a wide coverage of integrations.
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“Countly [has] far more features, more intuitive UI, full API support and raw data access, as well as more competitive and adjustable pricing model for our needs.”
Paulius G.
Software Architect at a Financial Services organization

Countly in a Nutshell

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Tight Security
Minimize the risk of breaches with secure access to your database and servers.
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Guaranteed Data Privacy
Compliance with all major data protection frameworks, like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
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Full Data Control
Complete data ownership in self-hosted or private cloud deployments.

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