Countly for eCommerce

Predictable revenue generation

Product analytics holds the key to put data into action to drive revenue growth and increase user loyalty faster

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User Profiles

Individualized, end-to-end understanding

Consolidate all data points related to customer journeys into a single, customizable, and personalized location.

Granular access to all data

Dig deep into all device and user-generated data with endless segmentation and customization possibilities.
Push Notifications

Retarget user attention

Deliver high-value notifications to bring more attention to your campaigns, however and whenever you need.

Map user interactions

Follow and analyze each step your users take through your application to deliver even more seamless interactions.
Trusted by leading organizations of all sizes to deliver high-impact results

How do different teams in the eCommerce industry use Countly?

Democratize Data

Outperform competitors' products

Monitor from one place all app performance in real-time, prioritizing and reporting changes that shape every team’s workflow.
From Analytics to Action

Powerful product management

Get raw data access to manage product performance and shape product strategies.
From Analytics to Action

Customizable extensibility

Make your data adapt exactly to your needs, customizing the features you can use as your product scales.
Privacy by Design

Data security at no extra cost

Get full data access, while retaining data control and processing, regardless of your deployment type.
From Analytics to Action

Faster and higher-value conversions

Segment user bases according to shared behaviors to optimize sales cycles.
Democratize Data

Collaborative, high-impact campaigns

Create better informed and more effective acquisition, upselling, and retention strategies thanks to cross-team shared insights.
From Analytics to Action

From early engagement to long-term loyalty

Reduce churn rates by delighting users with irresistible products and offers.
Democratize Data

Full view of customer journeys

Get individualized insights into the relationship with your customers and design campaigns that keep them coming back.
From Analytics to Action

Individual user-level data

Visualize the entire timeline of every individual user's interactions with your app.
Democratize Data

Real-time data sharing

Keep an eye on product and service performance and know right away if anything might affect user experience.
“We are heavily reliant on data to understand what our customers need during this onboarding process so that we can update to their requirements, as well as to learn how our users use the product so that we can ensure complete ease of use.”

Adeel Bhatti

Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Where will you see the benefits of using product analytics?

Secure loyalty
Maintain user engagement while staying data privacy compliant to deliver ultimate, trustworthy products.
Minimize churn
Inform retention strategies with data-powered insights across every customer life cycle.
Increased revenue
Optimize customer journeys to ensure conversions from the first user session.

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