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With Countly Community Edition 21.11, Product Analytics Just Got Better For All

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November 3, 2021
Countly Team

It’s not every day that something free gets more perks added and continues to be free. To break with that, we’re super proud and super excited to release Countly Community Edition 21.11, and with it, four new and seriously powerful features.

This release is not just an upgrade, but proof of our commitment to keep democratizing product analytics and to deliver a state-of-the-art tool that everyone can use to deliver outstanding products on a budget.

With these new additions, Countly Community Edition continues to be a trailblazer platform for product analytics thanks to its privacy-first approach, free-forever ethos, and open-source architecture. All with the stellar support of a team with almost 5 thousand stargazers on GitHub.

So, with all that said, here’s what you can expect from Countly Community Edition 21.11:


Wouldn’t it be great to centralize all the most meaningful results of your product analytics insights in one customizable and shareable place? With Dashboards, you can do just that! Add as many widgets as you like to your Dashboard to bring your most important metrics into one window, giving you a quick (and shareable) snapshot!

Customize your dashboards’ appearance, design the layout that makes the most sense to you, and add as many tables, charts, time series, and widgets from the Countly features in your Countly instance as you want. All from within one feature!

Remote Config

Change the default behavior and appearance of your app on the fly — without code! Simply use Remote Config to set new values to your parameters based on conditions that apply to user properties of your choice.

This feature helps product managers and developers with:

  • deploying and releasing when ready;
  • canary launches;
  • testing in a production environment;
  • enabling or disabling an app feature; and
  • running beta testing programs.

This and more can be done in just some clicks, instead of days or hours!


Countly Community Edition 21.11 comes with Hooks, a mechanism that captures incoming data of your choice, which is then used to trigger one or more effects.

With Hooks, Countly can pass some of this data to external entities or tools via HTTP-based requests and emails that can be triggered based on:

  • Incoming data: such as your events or sessions.
  • Internal events: such as a user giving your app an extremely negative rating.
  • API endpoints: a dedicated API endpoint that can be triggered from outside via an HTTP request.

You will discover that hooks are extremely useful and versatile. For example, you can send a purchase event’s sum and product data (i.e., which product was sold and its generated revenue) to your business analytics tools like PowerBI or CRM tools like PipeDrive, and integrate it into your reports.


Want to keep your Countly instance even more secure? We’ve got you covered! With reCAPTCHA, you can add another layer of security to your data with checks during repeated login requests.

Note that it uses Google’s reCAPTCHA services, so your server needs access to Google services.

100% Free, 100% Secure, 100% Yours

Are you ready to get started?

Download Community Edition 21.11 directly from the releases section on Github, read installation or upgrade instructions, and download SDKs to give Countly a try.

Need help?

If you want to make Countly a better place for your open-source analytics, let us know!

Remote Config
Data Security

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