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What Makes Countly Special?

Ditch multiple tooling and empower your teams with our all-in-one solution.
Self-hosted or not, Countly adjusts to your needs with a privacy-first approach.
Unleash 70+ powerful components to craft great customer journeys.


Switch from multiple tools to a single solution for streamlined processes, cost savings and improved collaboration.
Avoid overspending your money and time on multiple tools
Countly is all of your analytics needs under one roof. APM, Push Notifications, Crash Analytics, Surveys, and more.
Gain clarity of all of your data with Countly integrations
Connect all your data sources with Countly to unlock new insights to make data-driven business decisions
Save time on data analysis by introducing a tool every team can use
From product to marketing, Countly is designed to help you build a data-driven culture, all-teams-inclusive.


Enjoy 100% data ownership and 100% data control. Compromise-free.
More about privacy
GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA Privacy Badges
Become fully compliant and leave any security threats out the door
With Countly, you are your data's sole owner, controller, and processor. You are in charge.
ISO 27001 and SOC2 certification
Stay trustworthy by working with trustworthy
ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified, Countly takes privacy seriously and helps you do the same within your organization and with your customers.
Don’t compromise on your data privacy standards and retain full control of your hosting
Countly supports your needs no matter what. Be it self-hosting or private deployments in the cloud.
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Broad platform coverage
Choose from our 10 officially supported SDKs for your web, mobile and desktop apps.


Enhance user experience and boost engagement with customizable architecture and powerful set of features.
Explore all features
Improve UX and simplify customer workflows by utilizing the 70+ Countly features
Better data management leads to better data insights which lead to better business decisions.
Feature Remote Configuration
Remote Configuration
Feature Heatmaps
Feature Dashboard
Feature AB Testing
A/B Testing
Feature Drill
Feature Hooks
Feature Performance
Performance Monitoring
Feature Alerts
Feature Symbolication
Feature Funnels
Feature User Profiles
User Profiles
Feature Email Report
Email Report
Feature Browsers
Feature Geolocation
Feature Geolocation
Feature Performance
Performance Monitoring
Feature Server Logs
Server Logs
Feature Cohorts
Feature Languages
Feature Remote Configuration
Remote Configuration
Derive even more value from the customizable architecture of Countly.
Create custom dashboards, build your own plugins, or add new functionalities to increase your ROI
Boost engagement and retention with the powerful User Profiles feature set
Countly offers a complete view of the user journey, with granular user data, customizable segmentation, and real-time updates helping you understand your users to the maximum.
User Profiles feature set
"Countly’s comprehensive feature set covers a vast swath of the mobile ecosystem on a single dashboard. Unlike many competitors, they offer customers unparalleled control over their code."
Balazs A.
Mobile Specialist
"In our search for the best App Analytics Product, we tried everything - from free to costly options. When we discovered Countly’s capability to track every user’s action, we knew we had found our match."
David V.
Lead Developer
"Countly delivers key metrics and data that inform us about app usage and feature health. It stands out by offering numerous on-premise features with full data ownership, a rarity in today’s cloud-centric era."
Paulius G.
Software Architect

Scalable and flexible to fit every need

The journey to the world of customizable insights, 100% yours and 100% secure, starts here.
All our plans are #privacyled, #featurepacked and #for-all-in-one.
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