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IrisVision provides wearable technology that helps people with degenerative eye problems see better. Powered by Samsung hardware and their own, proprietary software, IrisVision uses Countly to gain a deeper understanding of the customer-product behavior and engagement of their products, and positively influence adoption, onboarding, roadmap development, and retention.

Key Results

  • Clarity on friction points in adoption and use, leading to enhanced onboarding services
  • Clarity on trends and preferences in product use, leading to robust feature development
  • Quicker actions taken on data collected, boosting customer experience and retention

The Challenge

IrisVision was looking for an analytics solution to address multiple areas:

  • Issues with onboarding services: With its products having multiple mode and command options, IrisVision focuses on ensuring that onboarding through personal coaches is optimal. Lack of clarity in what new users needed to know and where they were struggling was a challenge to onboarding.
  • Unpredictable retention: With many updates, campaigns, promotions, and changes in support, it was difficult to predict what was helping retention and what was hurting it. IrisVision wanted a way to cross-reference multiple actions and their impacts to understand retention patterns.
  • Product roadmap development: Customer experience has been central to product roadmap planning at IrisVision. But gaining an accurate and deep understanding of that experience - preferred features, product use trends, why some useful features weren’t picking up, how demographic affected retention - was difficult.

The Solution

  • Improved support coach service: By understanding what users need during their onboarding process, including navigating its many modes (such as entertainment, social engagement, environmental engagement, and so on) and operating its many commands (such as voice and touch commands), personal coaches have been able to better plan and work with users so that they can use the product quickly and with ease.
  • Identifying and replicable retention: By using Countly to identify login patterns and trends, cross-reference the data with ongoing activities such as changes on the product end, promotions run, increased efforts in existing customer support, etc., and run tests on the basis of this data, IrisVision was able to identify what boosts or reduces retention and optimize efforts accordingly for improved RoI.
  • Enhanced customer experience: With Countly, IrisVision could easily track trends in product usage, users’ reaction to recent updates, and points of friction among others. By seeing what people require to get started and where they face challenges, they could improve onboarding and ongoing support. And by incorporating friction points into product improvements, they enabled better roadmap development and more intuitiveness in product use.
“We focus on different features every day and we have some favorites, but what I love the most about Countly is the integration of data - the way the information from one feature ties into another and pulls from another. This gives us a complete, comprehensive view of customer behavior and product performance.”
— Adeel Bhatti, Manager of Business Operations at IrisVision

Features that IrisVision Loves

When speaking about Countly’s wide range of features, the IrisVision team identified the ones they found most impactful:

  • Drill, due to its filtering capability, and the depth of information it can provide.
  • Dashboard, which is easily customizable to track the metrics that matter the most.
  • Email reports, which is appreciated for the ease of reference it brings.
  • Flows, especially the ability to develop flows on the fly; this has been very helpful because there is no need to specify, in advance, what the team needs to see - the automatic population allows easy customer behavior flow identification.
  • User profiles, which ties into all the above and brings significant granularity of data.

Being Data-Driven With Us

Countly has been instrumental in the future plans and growth of IrisVision. Adeel Bhatti, Manager of Business Operations at IrisVision, says:

“We plan app releases and updates through Countly’s detailed data, especially with IrisVision Inspire, which is very new. The data is giving us a deeper understanding of how customers are using the product, which is directly impacting its development plan - what the next product sprint looks like, what the next update will contain, what the development team will be working on and so on. So we’re continuously going through this cycle from product to use to feedback, which we incorporate into future releases, and then the cycle begins again.”
Adeel recommends the product analytics and innovation tool to others, stating:
“I would definitely recommend Countly for the ‘power of analytics’ it brings, the extent of what it can do, and the support provided by the Countly team, which answered all questions and concerns to ensure that we got the most out of the platform.”

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