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All-for-one product analytics help all teams work on product data together, driving cross-team collaboration, lowering storage costs, and stopping insights from getting siloed away.
Plus, it enables everyone to experiment with data and find faster, better, and more innovative solutions.
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Customized outlook into customer journeys

User Profiles

One-stop hub for individual customer intelligence

Push Notifications

Engagement, design, and tracking for outreach campaigns

Remote Config

Codeless changes
to app behaviors

Privacy by design.
Secure by default.

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“IrisVision needed an analytics tool that gives the ability to better understand data sets in relation to each other and to deeply understand the customer-product behavior and engagement, both of which were instrumental in creating the right onboarding model and coaching sessions. This is exactly what we found in Countly.”
Adeel Bhatti
Manager, Business Operations at IrisVision

Millions of users, thousands of apps, hundreds of clients - one solution

"Before adopting Countly, we had to either compromise with other 3rd party analytics solutions or expend resources to internally develop and maintain our own.  Countly has been uniquely able to check all the boxes for us."
Jeremy Johnson
Sr. Research Scientist
at Georgia Tech - IPaT
"Countly is the best platform available for on-premise mobile and web app analytics, with far more features, more intuitive UI, full API support and raw data access, as well as more competitive and adjustable pricing model for our needs."
Paulius G.
Software Architect
in a Financial Services organization
"Great to boost customer engagement and retention and a much more cost-effective than going for a standardized solution from others, especially with the features that different teams can use."
Zeynep Meriç U.
Marketing Manager
at Appcent

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