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Switch to Countly from Google Analytics for powerful, privacy-conscious data insights on both product and users… in just a few simple steps!

Three benefits of Countly over Google Analytics

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Make data privacy your strongest asset
Privacy is at the core of Countly. Whatever your location, Countly facilitates on-prem and private cloud hosting for your product and customer data, ensuring detailed customer insights with absolute customer trust and safety.
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Analytics insights for ALL
Unlike Google Analytics, Countly is an all-in-one platform suited for all your teams’ needs, ruling out the need for multiple tools to understand what’s happening with your product. Our custom data exploration tools, dashboards, and pre-built reports are for everyone!
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Product innovation made simple
Do you wish you could turn insights into actions without having to alter the product structure? Countly gives you an extensible infrastructure packed with action-oriented features, like remote configuration and push notifications, that save you time and effort.
Organizations that trust Countly over Google Analytics
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Insightful features for innovative applications

Unlimited data access

Don’t limit yourself to analytics products that don’t let you process correlations between data points or create your own use cases, visualizations, and custom reports. Countly is crafted to not lock-in your data so that you can use it in any way you like. Google Analytics has limited APIs that do not give you easy access to your entire data. Countly, however, provides direct database access to real-time, raw analytics data. So, with Countly you get a wide range of powerful APIs with export capabilities to work with your data in ways never done before!

Definitive data authority

Take control of your product data, its collection and processing, to perform full-fledged data manipulations and implementations while being 100% compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations. Countly’s 70+ features are designed to let you understand your customers better by identifying friction points, and cross-referencing data points to discover user preferences. Tailor your product to keep customers engaged and loyal to your brand.
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Why migrate to Countly from Google Analytics?

You need to care about user data privacy, just as your customers do. With ever-stringent privacy laws on the rise, Countly remains passionately concordant with data privacy. Whether it is GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA, or any other, you can rest assured that your customers can trust you completely to keep their data safe.
How does this work?
Countly VS. Google analytics

Why is Countly the better alternative?

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Countly helps you bring the results of all your data insights and track metrics from across different platforms (Web, Mobile, Desktop, or IoT) through a single screen
Google Analytics runs on partial, sample data, forcing you to rely on other vendors to get you the accurate analysis your product deserves
We let you analyze entire customer journeys from start to finish
Data gets fragmented across features and siloed across teams, delivering insights on individual experiences rather than the entire journey
You are the sole owner and processor of your data, keeping you compliant with all major data privacy regulations
You may risk having to switch analytics vendors in the future due to non-compliance with GDPR

Insight-powered product innovation is right around the corner