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Three benefits of Countly over the competitor

Customizable platform for all types of applications
Personalize everything, from the SDKs you use, to the user interface, and gain a complete understanding of customer journeys across web, mobile, and desktop applications.
Effective end-to-end analytics
Countly can be deployed in the cloud or in your server without the need for third-party integration, keeping your data more secure, productive, and easy to access.
Features with dedicated support
Get 70+ features covering any type of analytics needs across any team, and stellar support to ensure you never miss a single byte of data.
Organizations that trust Countly over Mixpanel

One-stop solution for all of your applications with complete data ownership

Keep everyone in the data-loop

Countly provides unlimited, customizable dashboards, where you can add widgets reflecting real-time metrics and insights important to every team. Countly’s interface is just as flexible and intuitive, where, unlike Mixpanel’s, data visualizations of events, cohorts, funnels, and other analytics insights can be edited, filtered, and explored in any way you want.

The cost-efficient alternative

Countly has a pricing solution based on usage, comparatively a much more cost-effective option than Mixpanel. Not sure where to start? Use the Countly Data Point Estimator to understand your usage needs and how your infrastructure, team, and budget will work with your analytics. Count on Countly for help in crafting the ideal plan for you.

Extensible with support from the Countly team

Countly has all the features you need to perfect your product analytics, tailor-made to you. Aside from our extensive documentation, Countly has a dedicated support team that is always ready to look after your needs. We also have a number of useful resources to help to make that crucial first step, including a Code Generator for easier integration.
Countly VS. Mixpanel

Why is Countly the better alternative to Mixpanel?

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Full compliance with regulations such as GDPR, thanks to a SDKs initializing features only after user consent is given.
Limited built in compliance features, and the customer is tasked with managing what information is tracked by the SDKs.
Deep customization options to add, alter, or improve existing features as your business scales.
No feature customization due to the limitation of a multi-tenant environment shared with the rest of the customer base.
Comprehensive performance features that work seamlessly with all the advanced analytics data.
Limited capabilities of individual features that may require additional tools, extra costs, and higher chance of data breaches.

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