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A Powerful Product Analytics SaaS Solution

Build outstanding and innovative products with comprehensive insights from a single, private cloud, and secure product analytics platform.

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Easy Setup
Set up and use Countly’s extensive features in just a few clicks, and add features as you need.
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Engagement Insight
Drill into user activity data and get detailed profile information, tied in with performance monitoring.
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Collaborative Analytics
Share data with relevant team members for collaborative decisions that improve UX.
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Secure Hosting
Deploy at a location of your choice, ensuring complete data ownership and privacy compliance.

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myCountly Roadmap

✅ Done
myCountly development
Jan - Dec 2022
Alpha launch and technical testing
Jan - Feb 2023
⏳ Upcoming
Product improvements
Feb 2023
Beta launch with early access to waitlist members
Mar - Apr 2023
Final touches
May 2023
Public launch and discounted access to waitlist members
June 2023

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Public launch is scheduled for Q3 2023.
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Free for apps with under
1000 MAU

Base Package Features
Advanced Analytics
Get a complete picture of how your users use your app with everything from session and user analytics to heatmaps.
Customized Dashboards
Instantly monitor (and share) the metrics that are crucial to you and your teams with customized dashboards.
Customer Journey and Experience
Make your users’ journeys incredible. Find out what your users love and hate, what works for them and what doesn’t, and identify points of improvement with features like User Profiles, Drill, Retention, Funnels, and Flows.
Privacy and Security
Stay in complete control, and on top, of your data with features such as Data and User Manager, Alerts, Config Transfer, and Report Manager.
Add-ons Available
Push Notifications
Connect with your users at the right time to boost re-engagement and share relevant updates.
Voice of the Customer
Collect user feedback right within the app (with enhanced targeting through segmentation) via Surveys, Ratings, and NPS®.
Crash and Performance Monitoring
Stay on top of crashes and errors, get notified instantly, and create Jira tickets for immediate action that keeps the entire team in the loop.
Remote Config with A/B Testing
Don’t edit code or spend hours on app edits. Make changes right from your myCountly platform, run A/B tests (targeted perfectly through cohort analysis), and implement changes and updates faster.
*Price will be based on the MAU of your web and mobile apps.