Countly is the more powerful alternative to PostHog, giving you privacy-conscious in-depth data insights as scalable and unlimited as your goals.

Three benefits of Countly over the competitor

Features that make your product extraordinary
Efficiency and productivity are only achievable with product analytics. With 70+ features to analyze, visualize, and report on your data, you and your team can innovate, accelerate, and drive business in any way you want.
Performance analysis was never this easy
Keep track of your application’s crashes or errors with insight on how it affected user and device behaviors, all from the same platform. Get a 360° view of your product’s performance and use it to improve any step of the customer journey.
Available for web, desktop, and mobile
Countly has all your desktop, mobile, and web applications covered with support from 13 different SDKs, which are also highly customizable, so you can download and make SDK changes, or automatically generate your own SDK integration code.
Organizations that trust Countly over Posthog

One-stop solution for all of your applications with complete data ownership

Save your time and data

Countly offers an efficient overview of aggregated data, in a safe environment to prevent accumulating too much data on individual sessions which will ultimately increase manual work and potentially waste your time. That’s why we don’t offer session recording for example: it balloons data-related costs, increases the risk of data silos, and may lead to the non-compliance of policies like GDPR.

Hosting on our private cloud or your premises

Countly does not rely on any third-party servers for accessing or storing data, so you can be assured of responsible data management that keeps your data safe.

Issue detection at your fingertips

With Crashes and Errors, Performance, and other features, you can gain real insight into your application’s performance. which can be region-specific, device-specific, and, as always, customizable. This helps inform improvements for application performance, reducing churn related to poor performance.

Why is Countly the better alternative to PostHog?

Countly logo
Make Countly adapt to your product, customizing your SDKs and using 70+ features whenever you need
Install a non-flexible SDK to implement only around 12+ features for your product analytics
Countly has its own server, which eliminates the problem of connecting to/through any third-party app for data analysis
Keep your data safe but on 3rd-party servers, limiting the depth of your analysis and your access to raw data
Understand the entire customer journey across mobile, web, and desktop
Get a partial view of user data with web analytics only

Insight-powered product innovation is right around the corner