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How to Easily Apply Analytics to Product Development Management

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September 23, 2021
Countly Team
Countly Team
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The development of a digital product has been redefined to involve only 4 phases, as TCGen and Product Plan propose:

  1. Discovery
  2. Planning
  3. Development and Monitoring
  4. Launch and Reporting

However, having an easier-to-follow process is not the only improvement that you can implement: cost and time efficiency can be taken a huge step further when you incorporate analytics insights.

So, with this infographic, we propose some tools that can help you analyze data sets to enrich the phases of each development process. Whether your project is stemmed off from a previous digital product -as we assume for the purpose of this blog post-, or it’s an entirely new endeavor, make sure to apply some or all of these tools to discover how to create the best product for your users — and for your budget.

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